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As we grow we strive to provide the best content for our fans, readers, viewers, and followers. This year we want to not only grow our team here at Gamer Assault Weekly, we want to provide you with great written content and awesome streams. However, upon closer inspection, we realized we have a bit of a problem that we want to resolve.

Our Stream Team at Gamer Assault Weekly is dedicated to providing our followers and viewers exciting content, new games, and great personalities and interactions. While we have been on Twitch for the past year, we have noticed, as a smaller channel, it has been nearly impossible to break out of our small corner of the platform. While we have a fun time on Twitch, it was time we looked at new horizons and expand beyond where we were. After talking with Mixer at PAX South we have decided on new and exciting opportunities that will help us grow but will also give you, our viewers and fans, a better experience with our streams.

Starting on Monday – March 12 the Gamer Assault Weekly Stream Team will be making a full transition from Twitch to Mixer. This transition will be a very quick one but nothing else will change. You will still see the same wonderful Streamers who you have been supporting at the exact same time, just on a new platform.

We encourage you to follow us on social media to see our advertisements on who is streaming what and when.  Also please drop us a follow on Mixer as we gear up for this new stream launch. We are very excited to start down this journey on Mixer, we hope to see growth in our channel and we hope to add more streamers to our team.

If you are interested in joining the Gamer Assault Weekly Stream Team check out our Opportunities page here and apply.

From everyone at Gamer Assault Weekly thank you for the continued love and support!


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Vanessa is the Founder/CEO of Gamer Assault Weekly, LLC. She is an active member of the industry having worked with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Ubisoft, id Software, and CSA. She spends her time working on the site, attending as many gaming conventions as she can, and playing with friends on all systems.