Playdead is teaming up with iam8bit and the sex doll maker RealDoll for a new collector’s edition of Inside. Yes, you read that correctly.

Collector’s editions of games are usually more on the expensive side. There is some justification for the price, whether it be a statue or a bust alongside the game. In this case, the collector’s edition of Inside is priced at $375 dollars. It does include something made by RealDoll, which is a company most known for its sex dolls and other sex toys. The partnership also includes iam8bit, which typically creates physical and collector’s editions for indie games.

The most notable thing about the store listing is that it has no mention of what is inside the box. The only thing that is for sure is a hard copy of Inside for the PlayStation 4.

When does it go on sale?

Pre-orders for the collector’s edition go on sale on March 8th at 7 a.m. PST until June 8th. Iam8bit is not ready to say a ship day quite yet. There will definitely be no mention of what is included in the box. The store page does mention that the package is heavy.

The odds that it is a sex doll being in the box are slim, because of the cost of a sex doll. However, you can assume that it will be some other RealDoll product.

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