The new PUBG event mode for the week is now live, and it involves the new flare gun. In case you didn’t know, the event modes are custom games that are open to all players. Last week, the event mode was a fairly dull eight-player squad, so this week’s event sounds more interesting.

The flare gun was added to the game in the last patch. As expected, it plays a large role in this week’s event. The largest challenge of the event will be finding a flare gun.  They have a chance of spawning in single-story houses around the map, and there will only be a limited number of the available.

When a player gets one, the use is simple. Players just have to fire it upwards and a special care package will spawn at your location. The package includes two crate weapons (think AWM, M24, etc), level three armor, and typical care package supplies like 15x scopes and adrenaline shots.

event mode

It is not mandatory to look for the flare guns, but that is the point of the event mode. You should be warned though, like traditional care packages, the super packages can be seen dropping down by other players. Other players can go and claim the package for themselves, so be prepared for competition.

Where can I play it?

The event mode is only available on the Miramar map, and be sure to bring along some friends as it is a squad map.


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