PUBG for  Xbox One gets patch 11 this morning as promised. The patch is designed to improve the performance of the game, but there are few changes based off of player feedback.

The biggest update in the patch goes to the inventory UI. It adds new focal points in order for it to be easier to navigate. The button guide and tool-tips have been updated as well to better direct players. A lot of the other changes were subtle, like improving the responsiveness of the weapon slots and attachments. You are not able to scroll through using the triggers.

The rest of the changes had to do with performance and optimization improvements. There are also updates to some of the textures. You can see all of the changes made below.


  • Changes to texture in order to improve graphical performance
  • Vehicle profiles changed to improve framerate
  • Other fixes to reduce crashes


  • Inventory layout is improved, focal points added to identify selected areas and a clearer button guide and tool tips
  • Improved selection of weapon slots and attachments. Players can now change the focus and selection using the D-Pad.
  • Players can now quick scroll using LT/RT buttons


  • You can now see a number of how many players remain on the airplane

Bug fixes

  • Players can no longer hear footsteps when there are no players in the area
  • Fixed an issue that kept the blue zone from being displayed correctly

PUBG for Xbox One reached over 5 million players this month. As a gift for playing, all players who have a character are going to receive a commemorative in-game jacket tomorrow.


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