Sea of Thieves has plenty of opportunities for sailing the seas and raiding treasure. However, players that get max reputation with all three factions get more of these opportunities. Recently, a streamer on Twitch became the first to become a Pirate Legend, and some people are not happy.

Streamer Prod1gyX has been playing the game since the release, and already has several dozen hours logged. He achieved the rank of Pirate Legend Thursday, gaining the max reputation in the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, and Order of Souls factions. However, he leveraged his Twitch fanbase to gather treasure, allowing him to get through the ranks.

Pirate Legend

This has caused some animosity among the community. The top post of the Sea of Thieves subreddit is currently called #NotMyPirateLegend. The thread is filled with players arguing that he does not deserve Legend. Another aspect that is causing some confusion and annoyance is what the title actually gets you. It does unlock a new area, called the Tavern of Legends, which is full of merchants and other NPCs. Players can accept special quests here that unlock when you reach Legendary. However, it does appear that these quests are similar to the normal quests. The only difference is that they are longer and have stronger skeletons. Prod1gyX seems to have gotten some unique rewards, but pre-launch quotes from Rare made it sound like there would be more when the Legend rank is achieved.

What can we expect in the future?

There is the possibility that Rare might be adding to the Pirate Legend rewards in the future. The studio has said it has heard player feedback and is working on a number of improvements. For now, the focus is on performance improvements and fixes to issues.


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