Sea of Thieves but find yourself a bit lost in your role with your crew we understand. Sea of Thieves has you choose a premade pirate and then dumps you into the wide ocean world. With nothing more than a basic tutorial, players are expected to learn about the much of the mechanics. However, we have some basic tips that will aid you to get your footing.

 1. Use the Wind And Pick The Right Ship

The first thing you must learn to do is sail your ship. The ships come in 2 variants, Sloop and Galleon. The Sloop is made for either 1-2 players and the Galleon or 3-4 players. You’ll start off with the smaller ships before graduating to the larger one with each member needing to perform a specific job that includes steering, keeping a lookout for hostile ships and storms, navigating, and changing sails.

Sails are important since they determine your speed. You probably noticed the white lines above your head. Those represent wind and pointing your sails in the direction they’re heading will boost your speed. The bellow of the sails determines how much wind your sails are taking in.

2. Aim Low, Be Prepared

Sea of Thieves doesn’t have separate servers for PvE or PvP content, it’s every pirate for themselves. This means you’ll encounter hostile pirates during your adventure who want your treasure or just to sink your ship. To prepare your cannons should always be loaded, to do this get below deck to the red barrels to load up on cannonballs then reload the cannons.

Players should always have wooden planks as well. Should your ship take damage these are the only items that can plug up holes in the ship.

When engaging with an enemy ship aim towards the horizon to hit the lower deck and spread out your shots. This will cause holes in the ship that opposing crew must repair or face a watery grave, leaving them with 1 less attacker.

3. Repair Always

Your ship will take damage, either by being hit by cannonballs or hitting obstacles within the world. Once it happens water will start to enter the ship, you must repair the holes before the entire ship is overtaken.

Always repair from bottom to top as water will continue to enter the ship and fill up from the bottom up. In addition, one crew member can handle 1-5 holes with enough speed but any more and you’ll need to dedicate another crew member since water will pour in faster than you can remove it. And you can drown if you stay underwater too long.

4. Locating Treasure and Keeping it

Treasure maps come in two types; X marks the spot and riddles. The X versions require you to locate the island using the larger map followed by locating the X using the smaller map while on the island. The spot is shown on the map so situate yourself and find the X, then use your shovel to dig up the treasure.

Riddle maps are more difficult. First, locate the island using the ship’s map then head to the island. Riddles use the same themes such as mentioning musical instruments requiring you to play a song or a specific direction. For directional riddles find the general location then hold right trigger to bring up the first-person view. Walk forward and each time your head bobs counts as one step.

Hiding the treasure is another important factor. Once you grab it you must keep it safe and hiding it is your best defense. The best places to hide it are the hardest to access such as the Crow’s Nest and the balcony behind the Captain’s Quarters.

5. The Only Way To Travel

Say you don’t want to walk to the merchants or you want to take the fight to the opposing ship. You can load yourself into a cannon and fire yourself. To do this make sure the cannon isn’t loaded if so empty the cannonballs and move the cursor above the nozzle of the cannon to head inside. Be warned you cannot aim while inside so either have an ally aim or do it before heading inside. Once inside fire yourself towards any direction you want.

These five tips will get some wind in your sails so you can joing your crew in the battle for treasure in Sea of Thieves. 

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