The roster lock has lifted for professional Call of Duty teams, allowing them to make player changes once again. Since we last covered the topic of roster changes, the up and down nature of CWL Stage 1 has caused a number of teams to step back and think about their construction. EnVy has completely bottomed out, making Slasher the first major domino of the upcoming roster shuffle. This page will keep track of all the changes and juicy, passive-aggressive tweets from the pros.

Teams will be allowed to make changes from Monday, April 9th until Friday, April 13th. With Stage 2 Relegation coming up, CWL Seattle and a major balance patch dropping, expect moves to happen quickly so the new rosters can get practice time in.

CoD:WW2 Rostermania Tracker

Rise Nation dropping Methodz is the biggest shock so far, having won a major this year already.  The move was almost certainly made due to the sudden availability of Slasher, which should set off a chain reaction of main AR switches.

Player Old Team New Team
Slasher Team EnVy  Rise Nation
Methodz Rise Nation  Team Kaliber
Fero Era  Team Kaliber
Blazt Era  compLexity
Decemate Era Team EnVy
Dashy compLexity  compLexity
FeLo compLexity eUnited
Parasite** compLexity  TBD
Studyy* compLexity
MiRx Ascendancy
SunnyB Team 3G
Mosh Gone Gaming
LlamaGod Pure EZG Esports
Nameless* Evil Geniuses
Enable* Evil Geniuses
Theory Team Kaliber
Proto LP
Chino Team Kaliber   Team EnVy
Maux* Ghost Gaming
Zayrox Vitality
Assault Echo Fox Evil Geniuses
Silly eUnited Evil Geniuses
Temp Team EnVy
Ricky Era compLexity
Censor LP compLexity

*Restricted F/A

** compLexity appears to be stepping away from CoD this season and are in the process of moving Parasite and Dashy this week.

Rostermania Finished Rosters

What rosters have been finalized and how will they fare for Seattle and beyond?

Rise Nation

Old: Loony – Gunless – Methodz – TJ Haly

New: Loony – Gunless – Slasher – TJ Haly

Rise Nation won CWL Atlanta on the back of an MVP performance from Methodz, but arguably the best AR in the game became available on a free transfer. On paper, the move looks great and Rise might have the most talent in the league. There won’t be any role changes needed either, Slasher only has to slot in to the main AR role vacated by Methodz.

The only concern for Rise Nation will be how to manage these personalities. Both Gunless and Slasher have nuked talented rosters on their own in the past, now they will have to play together. If Rise can keep it together, they will be a favorite for any tournament the rest of the way.

Team Kaliber

Old: Chino – Theory – Accuracy – Kenny

New: Accuracy – Kenny – Fero – Methodz

Rise wasn’t the only org to drop an MVP this season, as Team Kaliber sent Chino packing in favor of Methodz. TK understood how to play WW2 before any other team and it earned them the first two majors of the year. But when other teams caught up in strategy and TK’s unsustainable game 5 clutches ended, it became clear they were lacking in the gun skill department. Theory was struggling the most so it was not surprising to see him dropped when Methodz became available, but adding another AR to the roster in a 3 sub game meant Chino had to go as well.

TK will be an exciting, fast team now that they have another hyper aggro sub to pair with Kenny. Racking up time in the Hardpoint will be a lot easier for Accuracy and Methodz with those two subs pushing lanes, and Fero should make Team Kaliber’s search game even better. While it is sad to see one of CoD’s greatest underdog comeback stories come to an end, this new TK is a better team.

Evil Geniuses

Old: Apathy – Aches – Nameless – Enable

New: Apathy – Aches – Assault – Silly

The old EG was a roster built for the wrong game, they were too slow and too AR heavy. Aches has done a solid job adapting to the flex role, but Nameless never looked comfortable with a sub or AR in his hands. Enable was great as a main AR in respawns, but struggled in S&D. The role swap between Nameless and Enable didn’t help either and EG fell all the way to 7th in Group B.

A change was needed, so Nameless and Enable made way for Assault and Silly. Assault may be exactly what EG need in the main AR role,  he matches Enable in respawns but is a significantly better S&D. Silly is having a better year than Nameless for sure, but isn’t a natural sub player either. Coming from another team that had composition issues in eUnited, it remains to be seen if Silly can be the sub partner Apathy needs. Evil Geniuses will be better, but how much better will be the question to watch for in Relegation and Seattle.


Old: Clayster – Arcitys – Prestinni – Silly

New: Clayster – Arcitys – Prestinni – FeLo

Seems like every team on our list is a victim of the 3 sub meta. eUnited had success in the more AR dominant Infinite Warfare, but they’ve looked out of sorts in WW2. Their natural talent still saw them place t6 consistently and qualify for the Stage 1 Playoffs, but the role issues kept them from truly threatening the top teams on Championship Sundays. A change was needed, FeLo is a more natural sub than Silly and that should help Prestinni and eUnited immensely. Clayster and Arcitys are monsters with ARs, but unfortunately with only one change made, one of them might have to stay with a sub.

eUnited may not have improved from a talent standpoint by switching Silly for FeLo, but they should all be more comfortable in game. Will that be enough to go from consistently placing t6 to winning a tournament?

Team EnVy

Old: Slasher – Classic – Temp – Huke

New: Chino – Classic – Decemate – Huke

Team EnVy took a risk by blowing up a title winning roster for a young squad with a high ceiling. It failed as Temp and Huke couldn’t reach the levels expected of them, leading Slasher to bail. This new EnVy roster looks like a downgrade, but that is expected when a team loses arguably the best AR in the game.

Huke was playing Halo at this time last year so expect him to improve every week, especially now that Chino will be calling the shots instead of the abrasive Slasher. It is possible that this feel good EnVy team finds some magic and goes on a run now that the pressure is off, but for now it looks like they fell behind eUnited and EG.

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