The group stage portion of the Call of Duty World League has come to an end, leaving the 8 best CoD teams in the world to battle it out in a double elimination playoff. Teams will have plenty of motivation for this weekend as the prize pool for the CWL Stage 1 Playoff is an additional $500,000. Luminosity looked shaky at the end of the Stage 1 group stage, but they followed that up with their first major win of the season at CWL Birmingham and look to be the favorites for Stage 1 Playoffs. The CWL Stage 1 playoff will take place on April 6th, 7th and 8th, the full schedule is below. You can catch the matches on MLG or Twitch.

CWL Stage 1 Playoffs Schedule

We have a spicy opening round of action that features the eClassico, a red hot (in the league, anyway) eUnited vs the powerhouse of Rise, and the CWL Birmingham champs Luminosity facing off against a Red squad that has taken major NA scalps recently.

Friday, April 6th

4:00 PM EST Rise Nation vs eUnited

5:30 PM EST Luminosity Gaming vs Red Reserve

7:00 PM EST OpTic Gaming vs Team EnVyUs

8:30 PM EST FaZe Clan vs Team Kaliber

Saturday, April 7th

1:00 PM EST EnVy vs FaZe

2:30 PM EST Rise Nation vs Red Reserve

4:00 PM EST eUnited vs Luminosity

5:30 PM EST OpTic Gaming vs Team Kaliber

Championship Sunday, April 8th

Losers  Round 3

1:00 PM EST FaZe Clan vs Team Kaliber

Winner’s Final

2:30 PM EST Luminosity vs OpTic

Loser’s Final

4:00 PM EST FaZe Clan vs Luminosity

Grand Finals

5:30 PM EST FaZe Clan vs OpTic Gaming

For those of you who enjoy the Rostermania, teams will be allowed to make changes after this the Stage 1 Playoffs. Here are some moves we think could happen next week.

CWL Stage 1 Playoffs Results

Grand Finals

Match 1 FaZe Clan 3 -2 OpTic Gaming

Match 2 FaZe Clan 3 – 2 OpTic Gaming

Winners Bracket

Round 1

Rise Nation 0 – 3 eUnited

Luminosity 3 – 2 Red Reserve

OpTic Gaming 3 – 1 EnVy

FaZe 1 – 3 Team Kaliber

Round 2

eUnited 1 – 3 Luminosity

OpTic Gaming 3 – 0 Team Kaliber

Winners Final

OpTic Gaming 3 – 1 Luminosity

Losers Bracket

Round 1

EnVy 2 – 3 FaZe

Rise Nation 2 – 3 Red Reserve

Round 2

Team Kaliber 3 – 0 Red Reserve

eUnited 2 – 3 FaZe Clan

Round 3

FaZe 3 – 0 Team Kaliber

Losers Final

Luminosity 2 – 3 FaZe Clan

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