The CWL Stage 2 Relegation tournament takes place on Thursday, April 19th and will determine the final four spots in the CWL Stage 2 Pro League. Although the top teams are not present, one could argue that Stage 3 Relegation is the most important tournament of the year for the teams participating. Two losses here and they can no longer consider themselves a professional team, being forced to watch the Stage 2 Pro League from home.

The four relegated teams join the winners of the National Circuit in a double elimination bracket, the first 4 teams to win two games will be headed to Stage 2. Check out the bracket, results and schedule below.

Stage 2 Qualified Teams

Mindfreak (APAC)

Evil Geniuses (NA)

Tainted Minds (APAC)

Epsilon (EU)

CWL  Relegation Schedule

First Round

Mindfreak (APAC) vs EZG esports (NA) 12:00 PM PST

Epsilon (EU) vs Tainted Minds (APAC) 12:00 PM PST

Evil Geniuses (NA) vs GGEA Orange (NA) 1:30 PM PST

Team Vitality (EU) vs Nordic  (EU) 1:30 PM PST

Winners Qualifying Match 1 3:00 PM PST

Mindfreak (APAC) vs Tainted Minds (APAC)

Losers Round 1 3:00 PM PST

EZG (NA) vs Epsilon (EU)

Winners Qualifying Match 2 4:30 PM PST

Team Vitality (EU) vs Evil Geniuses (NA)

Losers Round 1 4:30 PM PST

Nordic (EU) vs GGEA Orange (NA)

Losers Qualifying Match 1 6:00 PM PST

Epsilon (EU) vs Team Vitality (EU)

Losers Qualifying Match 2 7:30 PM PST

GGEA Orange (NA) vs Tainted Minds (APAC)

CWL Relegation Results

Mindfreak 3 – 0 EZG

Tainted Minds 3 – 2 Epsilon

Team Vitality 3 – 0 Nordic

Evil Geniuses 3 – 2 GGEA Orange

Tainted Minds 2 – 3 Mindfreak

GGEA Orange 3 – 0 Nordic

Epsilon 3 – 0 EZG

Evil Geniuses 3 – 0 Team Vitality

GGEA Orange 2 – 3 Tainted Minds

Epsilon 3 – 1 Team Vitality

CWL Relegation Bracket



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