Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion launches May 8th and Bungie hosted a special Twitch event to showcase some of the new additions coming to the expansion.

First, the expansion takes place in the ice caps of Mars and focuses on the infamous warmind Rasputin and the hunter Ana Bray. The new game activity is a hybrid horde mode that players can join in. Called Escalation Protocol the entire fight takes place in a public space where Hive soldiers spawn in with occasional bosses spawning in as well.

The Crucible is changing as well, with the addition of ranks. Players can earn ranks by playing in Quick-Play or Competitive playlists to earn exclusive bonuses for gaining a high rank. In a press release, Bungie states that new Crucible maps, and raid area called Spire of Stars that will have more raid bosses than other areas.

New exotic buffs will change certain weapons. The Riskrunner will now activate its intrinsic perk even when the weapon is stowed when arc damage is taken, though the increased arc resistance will only be available when the weapon is out. Hard Light is taking a page out of Borealis’ book, and players can now switch the weapon’s elements without going into the menu. The ricochet rounds will also deal double damage, a huge buff for the weapon’s intrinsic perk.

Currently, Bungie is facing an uphill battle as Destiny 2 has taken a downward thrust since its launch. Due to the developer bombarded the game with microtransactions and not listening to the community feedback. Warmind offers Bungie the chance to make things right.

Destiny 2 is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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