Far Cry 5 has been out for about a week now, So it should be time enough for you to check out some of the Seed Family. If you are having some trouble taking them out, Gamer Assault Weekly has got you covered.


Faith is different from her brothers. She uses the Bliss to create hallucinations that aid her in battle. To defeat her first prepare. Take automatic weapons and if possible a sniper rifle and make sure to have plenty of healing items.

The battle with have 2 phases; Faith attacking uses a triple light barrage and summoning adds. Take care of the adds first since they can easily overwhelm you. They die in one hit so automatic weapons are your friends.

Once down focus on Faith. Run when she’s using her triple attack and focus her down. She’ll spawn copies but like the Angels die in one hit. Spray until you hit the real Faith but stand away from her. Get too close and she’ll knock you down constantly, leaving you open to attacks. Supplies will drop during each wave to replenish your ammo. Repeat the cycle until her health depletes completely.

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