Far Cry 5 has been out for about a week now, So it should be time enough for you to check out some of the Seed Family. If you are having some trouble taking them out, Gamer Assault Weekly has got you covered.


Jacob Seed is the most formidable sibling compared to Faith and John. Jacob’s fight is long, hard, and requires a bit of luck to pull off. Here’s how to beat him.

The first portion of the fight is a hallucination and requires you to destroy beacons. This is the absolute priority as enemies will continue to pour in. Kill what you can but don’t wait too long, snipers die first and use automatic weapons on the others.

Once done the second part will begin and it’s not any easier. Jacob will snipe from the cliff and you can take him on or travel upwards. To get close take out the adds first, shoot Jacob to force him to take cover, and head up. Repeat this pattern until you reach the mountain and shoot him till he dies. Don’t get too close or he’ll make mincemeat of you.

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