After obtaining all the ciphers you can head into Muspelheim, one of two end-game areas in God of War. This lava rich area houses Muspelheim armor, a fire-based armor that comes in 3 sets.

The Fallen Ash set inflicts a concussion flame blast, the Magma set creates a shield that causes damage to attackers and prevents interruptions and Blazing Aura increases strength and regenerates a small amount of health. The more of each set you have equipped the better chance the effect will trigger. It starts off as level 4 armor but can be upgraded to level 8 armor but the resource requirements are high.

When inside Muspelheim you’ll encounter Brok who can make the armor but requires unique material found in the area. Players will need to complete 5 challenges, which include tasks such as enemies with additional health, regeneration health, not taking damage, and more. Beat all 5 challenges, including the fight against the Valkyrie to unlock Surtr’s Hidden Trials.

Here you’ll need to collect 3 keys but you can choose what trials to undertake. Choose the ones easiest for you and earn all 3 keys. Once done you can obtain the armor set but each one requires an absurd amount of rare resources. Check the resource menu to find where they’re located but it’s best to upgrade one set.

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