Since THQ declared bankruptcy back in 2013 and its assets sold off to various publishers, THQ Nordic has been slowly reacquiring all the assets for new games. Growing into a respected publishing company, the studio has confirmed they’re passing at this year’s E3 2018 for FIFA World Cup.

THQ Nordic facetiously stated they’re skipping E3 this year because of the FIFA World Cup, which begins June 14th and it “would mean a 7am beer – that’s too early, even for Austrians, let alone the Swedes.”

The publisher stated they plan to bring Darksiders 3, BioMutant, Fade to Silence, Wreckfest, and even some unannounced titles to both PAX West and Gamescom.

It may seem strange for a publisher to miss out on the biggest trade shows of the year, but considering the number of acclaimed titles coming to this year’s show, it might be an ideal move. Nintendo has Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Switch, EA is showing the new Battlefield for the first time, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be there and so much more. To avoid being swept under by these larger titles and save resources for the other shows, THQ Nordic has decided that a smaller E3 might be more ideal.

Gamescom takes place in Cologne, Germany between August 21 and August 25, and PAX West on September 1st through September 4th in Seattle, Washington.


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