God of War is full of mystical enemies to defeat and and some of the boss fights some of you may need help, that’s why we are here. The first boss you’ll encounter is the troll Daudi Kaupmadr. This massive beast attacks after your first hunt and it’s up to you and Atreus to put him down.

Daudi will attack using 3 primary tactics; a vertical slam in front, a sideways thrust, and finally a stomp to push Kratos back. The key to this fight is to remain at Daudi’s back. It’s too large to attack from behind and Kratos can inflict massive damage on the creature. On Give Me God of War difficultly throwing your ax does nothing and must rely solely on melee damage.

Remain at its back and Daudi will eventually fall.

If you need health there’s an orb at the back cliff by the fire, it shines a green color.


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