The Soul Eater is one of the more unique enemies in God of War. A creature made entirely of rock and anyone killed by it loses their soul with no chance of entering the afterlife. Instead of avoiding it we have to kill it. If you are having some trouble though, that is why we are here.

The Soul Eater fight will begin with the creature flinging pieces of stone at you. Evade and when the assault stops pick up the rocks and throw them back. After a few The Soul Eater will become stunned. Get in close and trigger the QTE to pummel the creature.

Repeat the same process after the QTE stops. You can throw your ax for extra damage when the heart is exposed but don’t try getting close. The creatures rock skin makes melee attacks pointless. As for the adds, use Atreus to distract them while you focus all your attention on The Soul Eater till it dies.

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