You’ve fought trolls, powerful humans, and a soul-eating rock monster. Now you must face a dark elf named Svartal Jq. So if you some help, its ok, that is why we are here. Here’s how to beat him.

The dark elf has a fairly set of standard attacks, with telegraphed body movements. Svartal’s will glow before each attack and the elf also has specific movements for some tactics.

For example, before it charges forward Svartal will hover in the air before dashing forward towards Kratos. To avoid this block using your shield or parry if you can time it correctly. A more powerful version of this attack has Svartal placing its staff over its shoulder before dashing forward, this can be avoided by rolling left or right and throwing your ax for added damage.

In the closed rooms Svartal will perform a ground pound. This move causes a shockwave that can small amounts of damage. It can be blocked using the pedestals within the room to avoid the shockwave.

The final attack is a 3 ray blast. Coming to a cone originating from Svartal these blasts can inflict heavy damage if not avoided. However, since their paths are predictably avoiding these isn’t much of an issue. Simply evade backward.

When the room goes dark make a dash for Svartal’s last known position and begin pummeling the elf. If you have Spartan Rage this will make this section a lot easier. Once enough damage is providing Svartal will be left vulnerable for one last finishing move.

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