The armors in God of War come in a variety of sets but some are harder to get and have the best stats and abilities in the game. For example, the Valkyrie armor is one of the most powerful in the game that increases Runic damage, decreases Runic cooldown, and prevents enemies from interrupting your attacks. Here’s how to get it.

This armor requires you to kill Valkryies, the most powerful enemies in the game. First, you’re going to need a chisel, which is obtained through story progression, to unlock Odin’s locks and 4 ciphers each unlock to Musepelheim and Niflheim. We have a guide for that as well, see we’re thought of everything.

Technically you only need to kill 3 Valkryies to get the armor but to fully power it up you’ll need to kill all of them. The easier Valkyries can be found in Midgard and killing your first warrior will unlock the side mission Prove Your Valour. They’re located in the Hidden Chambers of Oden found in Witches Cave Lower Level, The Foothills, the Mountains, and The Mason’s Channel. Olrun, the weakest of the Valkyries can be found in Alfheim and will give you the waist guard that boost your Runic attacks.

Gondul is found in Muspelheim and requires you to complete 5 challenges before facing her. Defeat Gondul to obtain the gauntlets that reduce Runic cooldowns.

Finally, Hilda will give you the Curiass which stops enemy interruptions and can be found in Nifheim. She’s on the map but given that the area is randomly generated you’ll need to equip yourself with Mist armor if you want to have an easier time fighting here.

The other Valkyries will provide the materials to upgrade each of the armor. However, be warned, the queen is the hardest boss in the game and going in unprepared will lead to many vexing deaths.

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