The ciphers hidden throughout God of War are more for just translating, they allow Kratos and Atreus to access the missing realms of Niflheim and Muspelheim. These are end-game areas that have the most powerful armors in the game. Here are where the ciphers are located.


  1. The Mountain

When heading up the area in the image above hug the left wall till you see a marking indicating you can head down. Do so and you’ll find the chest on the left side.

      2. Lookout Tower

After the lake has been drained, allowing for exploration, head to the Lake of Nine and on the right side of the bridge towards the end is a shoreline. Head to shore and follow the path to an opening into the mountain to find another chest.

3. Ruins of the Ancient

In the same lake head to the upper left-hand corner. You’ll find a set of collapsed ruins, hope over the overturned horizontal column to find the next chest.

4. Shores of the Nine

Head to the upper right hand of the Lake of Nine by the 2 golden statues. On the right side is a shoreline. Head up towards the disturbed portal and on top of the ledge between the golden-black rocks are explosives sap. Destroy it using Atreus electric arrows to find the chest.


  1. The River Pass

In the passage beneath Freya’s home on the right side of the elevator is explosives sap. Break it, head inside, and turn right. By the Hel Powered Orb is the chest.

      2. The Mountain

This one is hard to miss since you’ll encounter it after clearing out the black smoke that bars your path.

3. Cliffs of the Raven

Located in the Lake of Nine this chest is found on the left side of the bridge. Head to the location above, it has a locked runic chest, towards the back of the area. Here you’ll find a wide open area and on the right side, pointing towards the lake, a small wooden gate leading into a hole. Smash it and have Atreus climb inside to lower the chain. The chest is inside.

4. Forgotten Caverns

Located directly across the Biforst is this large tower another dragon. Head on the shoreline. When inside you’ll find a climbable wall, head up and follow the path. When you cross the gap and climb the ledge make a left and climb up to find the final chest.

That’s where you find all the ciphers. Now you can head into Niflheim and Muspelheim and take on the hardest challenges in the game.

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