Since it debuted the Overwatch League has drawn millions of viewers to the popular esports competition. Now Twitch is offering a special All-Access Pass for those seeking exclusive benefits during streams of the competition.

For $29.99 the pass will give 2018 viewers:

  • Overwatch League Command Center access, which allows fans to view different camera angles from in-game, backstage, and player perspectives with real-time stats
  • Behind-the-scenes videos on demand, which in Stage 3 will be pro player’s analyzing matches
  • Participation in Match Day AMAs where questions can be submitted to pro players after broadcasts
  • OWL-inspired skins for each character, along with an OWL player icon and spray to be used in the game
  • Twenty-three emotes to use in a subscriber-only Twitch chat room
  • Wearable in-game and Twitch chat badge

Those who want to try the pass can do so until May 15th, which gives trial-users access to the first 3 listed benefits.


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