Boss Key Productions, the creators of LawBreakers and Radical Heights has shut down as announced by founder on Twitter.

After four years of operation, Cliff Bleszinski, the founder, released a heartfelt farewell, addressing some of the major issues faced by his studio that resulted in their downfall. LawBreakers, Boss Key’s flagship title, just could not retain a good enough player base to stay afloat. Hero FPS’ like Overwatch were slowly falling out of the mainstream at the time of LawBreakers release and it simply couldn’t keep up.

The new hype train revolved around Battle Royale dominated by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. In what seemed like a last ditch effort, Boss Key released Radical Heights, desperately trying to capitalize on this new trend. Judging by Cliff’s announcement it seems that again Boss Key came up short and this time their was no coming back. This was hard news to swallow but it seemed to hit Cliff harder then anyone. Taking time away may be the best option for him now and one can only hope the talent that he and his team clearly possesses can be used for better timed projects in the future. Thank you for trying to bring joy to our hearts Boss Key, you will be missed.

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