Recently, it was confirmed that Boss Key Productions would be closing following the lukewarm reception of LawBreakers and Radical Heights. Now, co-founder Cliff Bleszinski has released concept for previously pitched games from the studio.

The first one is a called “Dragonflies” that combines dragon riding with samurai combat.

The second is named “Rover” and WW2 inspired tank multiplayer battling title.

Next up we have a cart-racer and spiritual successor to Toobin.

These ideas were constructions from everyone at Boss Key. Bleszinski offered insight into how developers pitch ideas to publishers and the uncertainty and difficulty that comes from attempting to sell an idea.

These ideas sound like great ideas but like a lot of things you can’t predict how projects will turn out. That uncertainty does lead to fewer risks and more repeats but great games are made and broken during the development process.

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