OpTic Gaming has announced their first roster change in over three years, ending the run of what might be the most successful Call of Duty roster of all time. Octane and Methodz will be joining OpTic in place of Karma and Formal. Scump, Crimsix, Formal and Karma joined up under OpTic Gaming in 2015 with the intention of being the greatest roster of all time and may have accomplished that, but it ended in flames that no one could have predicted.

OpTic would win UMG California shortly after forming and what followed was most likely the best run we will ever see in competitive Call of Duty. Advanced Warfare saw victories in the previously mentioned UMG California, plus AW Season 2, UMG Washington and the MLG World Finals. In Black Ops 3, OpTic won ESWC, Anaheim, Orlando, Stage 1 Regular Season and Stage 1 Playoffs, along with numerous smaller tournaments and 2ks. Infinite Warfare brought even more success; after a second place finish in Atlanta, OpTic won Paris, Dallas, CWL Stage 2 and their first Call of Duty World League Championship. OpTic Gaming won 12 major championships in three years, the second most championships during that span was FaZe Clan with 3. Team EnVy had 2, no other organization won more than one.

Heading into the WW2 season, OpTic was seen as the best team in the game once again. They were coming off of a victory at Champs and the competition was untested after a huge roster shift. OpTic started off as expected, looking untouchable as they won the opening 2ks of the season. However, they were never able to get it together on LAN at majors. The roster that adjusted through three years and four different games suddenly looked out-of-sorts; AR swapping between Crim and Formal did nothing to improve the situation. A second place finish in Stage One Playoffs offered the possibility that OpTic might be back to their old selves, but the bottom fell out in CWL Seattle.

OpTic Gaming failed to make it to the Winners Bracket out of pools for the first time since 2016, then got swept in the Losers Bracket to place t16. It was the worst placing under this roster, and OpTic’s worst placing since 2013. OpTic’s would-be final match was a Saturday night and not even scheduled to be on stream (MLG would adjust in time to show it), a far cry from the dominant team always expected to be in the mix on Championship Sundays. Winning was no longer around to cover up the behind-the-scenes cracks that formed over three years.

Rumors started to fly; the team did not think Karma could play anymore, Scump was more concerned with Fortnite, Formal wanted out for personal reasons and the team could not get together to scrim. In his first comments since the change was announced, Karma would confirm the issues, “playing with two people who hate each other, and one who lags. Why would I want to play?” It was over. OpTic gaming dropped Karma, the only CoD player with 3 Champs rings, and Formal, the MVP of Infinite Warfare. Formal will head over to Luminosity and take over the main AR role, while Karma will sit out the rest of the year with an eye on returning for Black Ops 4.

OpTic formed with the four best players in the game, so it is hard to make a roster change that could be seen as an improvement – but they may have done that with the addition of Octane. Formal was the best AR in the world as recently as last season, but the issues we touched on before had caused him to fall behind Octane and Slasher. Octane should have no issues slotting in as the main AR and playing to the level expected of OpTic.

The other change is more questionable, as another AR is joining in the form of Methodz. It was rumored that OpTic wanted an aggressive sub to pair with Scump, going after John with Octane, but LG was not about to give up their two best players. Then, the idea of Zooma replacing Karma surfaced, but was quickly shot down by FaZe, leaving OpTic to go with Methodz. The talent is not the concern, as Methodz won CWL Atlanta. However, he or Crim – likely both – will have to run a sub instead of their preferred ARs. Does this new OpTic squad have enough talent to overcome the WW2 role issues that flustered other teams?

The greatest CoD roster ever has broken up, but a very talented one takes its place. The CWL Pro League returns on May 15th, with the new OpTic, Formal’s LG squad, and the current top team in Rise Nation all in the same division. The old OpTic Dynasty has come to an end, but we will not have to wait long to see if a new one has formed.

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