Warhorse, the developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, have released details about their upcoming additions and support for their flagship throughout this year. What we can expect is four paid DLC expansions; one of which will be “From the Ashes,” where the player will aid an abandoned village against a dangerous threat. The rest of the DLC will drop within the the next year.

The other three DLC expansions coming to Kingdom Come: Deliverance  are “The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon,” “Band of Bastards,” and “Women’s Lot.” Crowdfunders can expect a free download for “Women’s Lot” but other than that, release dates and prices have yet to be announced. If that wasn’t enough, free updates will be available that will drastically change your Kingdom Come: Deliverance experience.

For the professional gamer ready for the top of the difficulty options in their games, strap on your helmets and prepare for battle. Hardcore mode is coming to Kingdom Come. No more will you be able to breeze through the game slaughtering hordes of foes after acquiring decent gear, or at least one can only hope. Warhorse will also being releasing a tournament mode and modding support, so prepare to put an additional 100 hours into your play-through at minimum.

Warhorse will also be providing some behind the scenes details about the game as well as Combat Academy. More updates will definitely appear during E3 next month and do start the hype train off right, they have reduce their prices by 20% for a limited time. This is a great time to buy because it’s clear Warhorse is not abandoning their project and once modding is enabled, replay ability will skyrocket.

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