Good news everyone! There is an actual theme to this month’s Games for Budget Gamers. I didn’t just pick whatever I had been playing and put it together with no correlation. The theme for this month, aside from the pick of the month, is trying new things. Most of the games below are all games that I thought I wouldn’t like for one reason or another. I’m happy to say I was wrong about these games.

RAGE (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One Compatible, PC, iOS)

RAGE is a game from the developers over at id Software. It is set in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland. It tells the tale of a man from the past waking up in a new and violent future. The character was part of some last ditch effort to preserve the fate of humanity. They were supposed to arrive in the future and help forge a new society from the ashes of the old one. In reality, though, most people didn’t survive the process, in fact during my time in RAGE I think I was the only one to walk out of an ARK alive. Most of the game revolves around fetch style quests that help string along the story, similar to Borderlands. While that style of story telling doesn’t work quite as well as it did in Borderlands, RAGE does have a lot going for it.

The characters are pretty interesting in the RAGE universe. One of them runs a reality show where contestants fight off waves of mutants in the attempt to win cash prizes. It’s actually a surprisingly fun mini game. That’s also another glimmer in this game. RAGE’s has some really enjoyable mini games. They don’t feel tacked on like a lot of other games. There’s the simple ones like five finger filet where players try not to stab their fingers with a knife. There’s the amazing card game added in. Players find collectible cards in the world and can buy a basic deck at any given shop. The card game allows players to choose a small selection of the cards for the hand that can be played in the course of the mini game. Cards attack and defend, heal and damage in a wonderful fashion.

You can grab this game now for as low as three dollars! As a streamer, the voice work alone was a reason to get this game. One character sounds exactly like John Goodman, and he tells the player at one point this entity known as The Authority wants to find Ark survivors and has a bounty on them. So using my knowledge of professional wrestling I safely deduced that John Goodman might try to sell me to Triple H in some back room WWE deal. It was no wear near on the mark but it made my chat laugh, so it was worth it.

Monster Prom (PC)

Ever dream of going back to high school, but this time of instead of all the pimples and awkwardness you can help a party ghost score some coke and a mermaid princess kill her enemies while maintaining an airtight alibi? Well, my friends look no further than the new dating sim Monster Prom. At the start of the game players choose between one of four monsters to play as, and after a pretty in-depth/creative questionnaire start out on your adventures to woo your monster of choice.

The game has a pretty dark sense of humor at times but it is all in good jest. Take for instance when I finally got the adorable party ghost Polly to go out on a date with me. We ended up at a casino and in an attempt to fulfill her request to show how irresponsible I am I ended up betting my life on a single game. Thankfully I won and Polly was smitten! I don’t want to give a ton away about this game here, if you still want more information about it before you buy it check out my full review right here. If not you can go grab the game on Steam right now for just twelve dollars.

DmC: Devil May Cry (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC)

Dante is back and moodier than ever! While his young angst turned off a lot of players to this game I still highly recommend it! The controls are tight, the soundtrack is amazing, and it feels like the Ninja Theory team took the original combat formula and made it all the more appealing. The story follows Dante as he learns who he is, along with how his past got erased from his memories. Along the way, he finds his twin brother Virgil and makes friends with a human witch who helps him jump back and forth between the realms so he can fight, or in some cases run away from demons.

In the grander forefront of the story, Dante also deals with a big baddie from the underworld who has a huge influence on the world you and I schlep around in. Thanks to the properties of his energy drink and his stranglehold on the media he pretty much has the world at his will. Naturally, Dante has to go kick him in the sack and send him back to the hell hole he crawled out of. Also, the guy killed Dante’s parents, so kind of an added intensive to be extra brutal. Grab your trench coat and hit that sweet, sweet Sadistic style rank now for as low as seven dollars depending on your platform of choice.

Pick of The Month: State of Decay 2 ( Xbox One, PC)

The follow up to the hit indie title is due out this month and fans are nearly ravenous with anticipation. Taking what made the original fun, State of Decay 2 is looking to bring even more to the table. The biggest notable improvement from the original is the added in co-op option.

The apocalypse is a lonely place no longer as players can bring in up to three friends to join in on the chaos. The horde looks like it is back with a vengeance as well with improved AI and fiercer looking special infected. With new locations, and a new tale to tell, it will be interesting to see what exactly is brought over from the first game. Will we have an entirely new group of survivors? Will having a save game from the original transfer over to the new game? All of this and more will hopefully be answered in just a few short days. Grab some friends or scavenge as a lone wolf on May 22 for just thirty bones.

At the end of the road, these were all games that pleasantly surprised me. RAGE was much more than a gory, abusively beige Borderlands clone. Monster Prom is a dating sim with so much personality, it hurts me that I have no way to stream it. Devil May Cry was a harrowing prequel, telling the tale of Dante finding himself and his story of putting humanity first. Be sure to check out the deals on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold. I know the lineup for the former isn’t the best this month but Vanquish and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate are still pretty solid games.

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