Back in 2017, Nintendo promised those who were unable to obtain a SNES Classic would get a second chance in 2018. Today, Nintendo has finally announced the NES Classic will return to store shelves this June 29th.

For those unaware, the NES Classic released in 2016 and included 30 NES games. Styled in an NES Console, the item was highly sought after and sold out everywhere, allowing scalpers to resell the system for more than three times the original $60 price. Nintendo would discontinue the system, vexing a lot of its customers, but provided more restrictions following the 2017 SNES Classic. They allowed only one console per customer and retailers had to take down personal information of the buyer to prevent more than one to be sold.

The SNES Classic will also return later this year, but retailers have been supplying stocks of the system throughout the year as well.

Those who missed out on the NES Classic can now pick on up this June 29th.

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