The God of War Director’s Commentary series has provided a large set of new behind-the-scenes information about the game’s development. With Cory Barlog providing insight into the game’s development such as the first stage being completely redone and the first boss fight’s original concepts. The third part is now available and Barlog provides insider information into cut animations and a huge fumble during PSX.

Barlog addresses a lot of information in this 20-minute video. First off, discussing how the seen where Atreus was carried by Kratos being a critical point for the character. Originally, the scene would’ve had Kratos telling Atreus everything during the boat ride but this was cut due to Mimir’s involvement. In addition, Barlog explains how the ride to his home for the Blades of Chaos originally had Hel-Walkers attacking local wildlife as Kratos sailed down the stream but was cut due to budget and time constraints.

Another great details was Mimir, who was originally just going to be a head in a bag. During the development, Barlog explained that his team thought having a head talking all the time would’ve been annoying but believed if the writing was strong enough this wouldn’t be an issue. He was right.

One of the most noteworthy details comes from a PSX event. According to Barlog a replica of Freya’s necklace was made that had the runic inscription found in the game. Unfortunately, the symbols read Baldur which was a critical plot point in the game. Barlog was relief that no one translated the symbols.

God of War is now available for PS4.


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