Are you a fan of classic FPS combat. Twitch shooters where response time, movement, and rigid aiming are essential to victory. Gearbox Software is giving players exactly that with 1v1. We had to chance to try the FPS free-to-play title at E3 2018.

A working title as of now this intense FPS title has 2 players duking it out in arena combat. Here players equipped 2 weapons and 3 modifiers to build their own custom class. Cosmetic allow the player to change the look of their avatar to suit their desires but none of it affects gameplay.

Instead, 1v1 is all about using your skills and aiming effectively to dominate your adversary. The quick matches provided were short but always intense. With small maps catering to effective jumps and dodging, making movement just as critical as shooting. The maps themselves not only provide a level playing field but has incredible art designs that capture the atmosphere for each map.

Currently, a Closed Alpha Test is coming soon with Gearbox promising more information in the future. As for now Doom, Quake, and general FPS fans will find a lot of fun in 1v1. 

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