The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit uses a lot of cliche story elements you would find in a Lifetime movie but done right. But the marvelous writers at Dontnod were able to sell in this heartbreaking tale. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit captures all the emotional rollercoaster feelings that the Life is Strange series did. All in 1 free episode.

You take control of Chris, an inventive and creative boy who constantly dives into his own imagination. To deal with the harsh realities of his life Chris creates a character named Captain Spirit, an intergalactic hero charged with defending the peace. Throughout the adventure moments highlighting Chris’ imaginative world are mixed together into within reality.

Chris’ home is broken, an alcoholic dad who cannot let go of the past and his mother recently died. Attempting to keep things together Chris cleans and takes care of his father while escaping into his imagination to infuse small doses of joy into his life. These events are all part of Captain Spirit’s world and act as individual optional adventures.

Much of the game can be ignored but you would be doing the adventure a disservice as each tale provides details into Chris’ emotional trauma. Memories from his mother’s death, trouble in school, and other issues pop up during each of these mini-adventures. All done with the wonder you would expect from a child. What sells the story is the animation where you get to see what Chris is seeing in his mind. Whether it’s driving his father’s pickup truck or painting his costume.

The voice-acting is stellar with the limited characters shown selling their role excellently. You can hear Chris’ dad trying to deal with his wife’s recent death while trying to be a good father to his son. Chris acts and speaks like a genuine kid, with wonder being exhibited when in an adventure and disappointing confusion seeing his father drink.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit does have issues such as interacting with items that are vertically aligned. In addition, while the tutorial provides an adequate introduction to certain controls some elements, such as opening the menu for specific items, aren’t explained.

Those who loved The Life is Strange series will find a lot worth in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. It’s free so all you have to do is invest 1-2 hours playing this amazing and heartbreaking tale of a child attempting to keep what’s left of his family together.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Review
  • Emotional Tale
  • Fantastic Voice-Acting
  • Incredible Animations
  • Interaction with Items can be Difficult
8.5Overall Score
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