Remedy Entertainment has a lot of acclaimed titles under their belt. Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break. During E3 2018 the studio unveiled Control, a supernatural third-person shooter where uneasy tension meets epic action.

Running on the Northline engine you play as Jesse Faden the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control after the previous director had an unfortunate early and permanent retirement. As the new director, Jesse gains powers and a specialized weapon to fight against the Hiss, a strange force that has invaded our reality and possesses the workers of the Bureau. Jesse can use telekinesis to create shielding use the material around her, push objects with deadly force, lift items and throw them, and levitate.

The pistol serves as a traditional and non-traditional weapon. Only available to the director this jack-of-all-trades weapon can morph into a variety of weapons including pistol and shotgun but more options will be added as the game develops. Including that the weapon can be upgraded.

Like previous Remedy titles, the atmosphere immerses you into this world. Things you would expect as odd is nothing to Jesse until she sees something completely out of the ordinary. Deadly creatures that were once your colleagues now walk the halls with the desire to put you in the ground. While they don’t offer the shock value found in horror titles they provide an uneasy feeling, acting like a demon but still maintaining their humanity to a degree.

Gameplay wise Remedy described the game as an “open-ended sandbox experience” with multiple optional objectives and the ability to play the game even after beating the core story. Allowing Jesse to explore different paths to locate items to help her upgrade herself and complete side missions. In one example provided a man is sitting watching a refrigerator begging for help but Jesse dismisses him promising to return; this was one of these optional missions available in the game.

The environments shift, bend, and defy logic. With the room distorting into something entirely new sometimes when in contact with items called Items of Powers. Jesse is clearly overwhelmed and attempts to maintain control and remain focus on her mission. Constantly speaking out loud a manta to fortify her morale during trying times of uncertainty.

Control is available for pre-order and will launch in 2019.

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