The 16 best teams in the world have gathered for Stage 2 of the CWL Pro League. The top four teams from each group will move on to the CWL Stage 2 Playoffs, where over 500,000 dollars will be up for grabs. Group  B features some of the stronger teams in the league in OpTic Gaming and Rise Nation, as well as the new look Luminosity. Read on for the schedule, results, and standings for CWL Stage 2 Group B.

CWL Stage 2 Group B Schedule

Wednesday, June 6th

compLexity vs Tainted Minds 2:00 PM EST

UNILAD vs Luminosity 3:30 PM EST

eUnited vs compLexity 5:oo PM EST

Rise Nation vs Mindfreak 6:30 PM EST

eUnited vs OpTic Gaming 8:00 PM EST

Thursday, June 7th

eUnited vs Tainted Minds 2:00 PM EST

UNILAD vs Mindfreak 3:30 PM EST

compLexity vs Luminosity 5:00 PM EST

OpTic Gaming vs Rise Nation 6:30 PM EST

CWL Stage 2 Group B Results

compLexity 3 – 1 Tainted Minds

UNILAD 3 – 2 Luminosity

CWL Stage 2 Group B Standings

Place Team W-L MW%
1st OpTic Gaming 5-0 88%
2nd Rise Nation 4-1 74%
3rd UNILAD 3-2 50%
4th eUnited 2-2 53%
5th Mindfreak 2-3 43%
6th Luminosity 2-3 45%
7th compLexity 1-3 27%
8th Tainted Minds 0-5 21%

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