Destiny 2′s upcoming Forsaken expansion is seeking to change the entire meta. Providing a new experience based on the feedback from the Destiny 2 community. The newest mode being added is Gambit, a mode that combines PvE and PvP for a hectic multiplayer experience. We went hands-on with the hand to see if Gambit delivered.

What is Gambit? 2 teams of 4 fight against a randomly selected enemy faction from the game and are charged with collecting Motes from killed enemies to deposit into a Well. The first team to deposit enough Motes to summon the boss and kill it wins. However, you won’t be fighting only PvE enemies but other Guardians.

Using Motes Guardians can summon enemies to prevent access to their opponent’s Well called Blockers. The more you deposit the stronger the Blocker is summoned. Players can go as far as to invade the opposing team’s world and hunt down the other Guardians. Once you kill a Guardian a timer begins until you’re pulled back. This system can dramatically shift the tide of battle as my win was able to win after I invaded the opposing team’s world and killed them all when they were taking damage from the boss and myself. Since Guardians lose all their Motes if killed, regardless if you’re revived, staying alive is critical.

In addition, we were able to try the new bow weapon out. The weapon works just like a bow but relies ‘s heavily on headshots. Body shots are notably weak but landing a headshot, while it wasn’t a one-hit kill, did enough damage that another less powerful shot can easily kill. It’s also incredibly satisfying to hit someone with an arrow as the impact of landing a shot is amazing.

Gambit is insanely hectic, fun, and addicting. The mode offers constant excitement as players scramble to fine Motes and depositing them before Blockers can be summoned. Encouraging teamwork by trying to deposit large amounts of Motes at once while staying alive.

Destiny 2’s Forsaken launches this September for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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