At the 2018 E3 conference, EA revealed the trailer for Unravel 2 the sequel to their adorable 2016 title of the same name

Unravel 2 is puzzle platformer you can play with a friend or go solo to guide the Yarnies through the mesmerizing and often treacherous world. Working together the two Yarnies use the yarn to swing from trees, bounce from platform to platform of varying levels and location, have one character distract enemies by waving while the other completes puzzles, and even merge together to run across the environment.

When we reviewed Unravel in 2016, we were impressed by the crispness and detail weaved into the background and foreground of the game. “As you move forward in the level, the background moves a bit slower as if the player is looking into the distance as they move. It gives a very neat perspective to the game as you platform around solving the puzzles.” This detail was not lost on its sequel, which has enemies moving from one to the other while chasing the tiny travelers.

At its core, Unravel 2 is about finding that “spark” of hope in our friends when life is at its bleakest.  This spark leads you through levels and pushes the characters forward as they avoid living foes like birds and fish, as well as inanimate dangers like boulders and cars. This quirky and adorable adventure seems like a breath of fresh air in a line of otherwise serious and gritty titles. It is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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