Earlier this year I had the opportunity to be a featured Streamer at DreamHack Austin – an opportunity I was super excited to take part of due to the growing popularity of the convention but also this year I have taken my dive back into streaming after being on a very long hiatus.

The DreamHack Stream Studio was a hub of creators and streamers chatting, sharing, and streaming all in one place. The greenroom was a mix of partnered streamers and those of us who are just starting down the road of streaming. The occasional internet celebrity would drop by as well, including Shroud and DrDisRespect who were featured as part of the event. The Stream Studio boasted rows of high-end PCs equipped with top of the line peripherals and gear. I will be honest – streaming and working off a new setup can be difficult when you’re used to how your own keyboard and mouse feel but there were things at each setup that made the spot feel like home. Of these were the Echogear Monitor Mounts. Each setup had a two monitor layout, being held up by the Dual Monitor Desk Mount – these mounts were amazing as they let me adjust the monitors to my height and distance. I was very excited to get the opportunity to work further with Echogear after the event.

Unlike my setup at DreamHack my home gaming station is a single monitor setup, with a much larger monitor. When I was approached with the opportunity to review the Single Monitor Desk Mount with Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment I was a little skeptical. My current monitor is the Acer Predator X34 34″ IPS LED UltraWide QHD GSync Monitor. A monitor that is 4″ larger than the fit suggested for the monitor mount. With some confirmation from an Echogear rep I decided to check it out.

Set Up

Set up for the Single Monitor Desk Mount was super simple. All components are included in the box and it’s a simple clamp design that can be used on any desk. I’ve had issues in the past due to the size and lip on the end of my desk but the mount had no issues attaching. This was such a breeze to set up – it really is three simple steps but there is a setup manual that you can reference to make sure you’re getting all the parts in the right place. I was a little concerned with the weight of my monitor considering it is slightly bigger than what the recommended fit for the mount is but I have been able to enjoy the monitor mount without any trust issues. My monitor is safe and sound despite it’s size and weight!


The Single Monitor Desk Mount features a dynamic gas spring that lets you adjust the monitor’s height and extension. You have a 13.25″ range height adjustment so you can adjust the monitor to suit your height regardless of how tall or short you are. It also has a 20″ range of extension so if you need to be up close and personal you can be. With how wide my monitor is, having it at a further distance works best but having the option to move it closer is really nice. The monitor mount also has a +/- 15 degree range of tilt so you can get a full clear view of your game without suffering from any glare or reflection.

The best part of the mount – whether its a dual or single desk mount – is the ability for the monitor to be turned vertically. This type of change is paramount for streamers that use a dual monitor setup as it can allow you to play your game on one screen while viewing the chat and not missing anything in a vertical secondary screen.

Lastly, the monitor mount is smooth and easy to adjust. There is no struggling or use of a lot of force, it can easily be adjusted with a little push and is smooth as butter!


Now I know what you’re thinking – this sounds expensive. Price range for the Echogear monitor mounts range from $69 – $149 depending on how many monitors you need to mount. These prices are reasonable and are discounted prices. The Single Monitor Desk Mount with Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment retails for $149.99 but is available for $129.99. Like any other purchase made for your gaming PC setup the mounts are an investment in making your gaming station one of a kind.


Overall I am very impressed and happy with the Single Monitor Desk Mount with Dynamic Gas Spring Adjustment from Echogear. The setup was easy, the mount is durable, has some great features and is priced right. I would definitely recommend grabbing a desk mount for your PC gaming needs!

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Vanessa F

Vanessa is the Founder/CEO of Gamer Assault Weekly, LLC. She is an active member of the industry having worked with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Ubisoft, id Software, and CSA. She spends her time working on the site, attending as many gaming conventions as she can, and playing with friends on all systems.