Sony showed off the gameplay of the previously announced Ghost of Tsushima at their 2018 E3 showcase.  The trailer has a very cinematic opening: the text ‘Mongol Invasion Day Nine’ appears on the screen and the cinematic portion of the trailer seamlessly transitions to gameplay.

The player, who is a samurai, has to ride through a field on their horse up to a forest where they come to an opening of Mongol invaders executing what appears to be civilians which go straight into the combat mechanics of the game.

Combat appears to be somewhat slower and very reminiscent of Dark Souls, as the player will need to time attacks in accordance with the enemy movement and attack.  After the initial attack, the player meets up with another samurai and stealth mechanics are shown off. Climbing towers and making it to rooftops seems to be an element of gameplay, as the player makes their way into the pagoda, they can pick out enemies they want to eliminate quietly and it appears, from the trailer, that enemies stealth kills can be chained together.

The more trial ends with the main character and the other samurai battling under a tree with leaves blowing throughout the environment while Mongol warriors close in and fire flaming arrows.

Players will take control of a feudal samurai on the island of Tsushima in the year 1274. Ghost of Tsushima is exclusive to PlayStation 4.

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