Indivisible combines platforming, fighting, and exploration into one seamless experience. Fighting and exploration are combined into one so players don’t have to wait to get in and out. However, don’t let the vibrant colors and cartoonish art style fool you Indivisible is a challenging title that requires precise timing and proper use of the combat system to succeed.

The demo provided showcased the Ashwat Forest. Giving a sense of the world of Loka and its amazing beauty. The art team went above and beyond to create these levels that rely on platforming action to travel through.

The star of the game is Ajna, a girl who embarks on a global journey around the large world. She’ll encounter 25 party members throughout, each with unique abilities and skills to aid in her journey and wonderfully designed. You can only have 4 party members at a time but in the HUB world where Ajna enters while meditating you can upgrade your party and see the area expand as you gather more allies.

Indivisible combines Metroidvania exploration with RPG combat. Players can use a variety of tools to open branching paths that unlock optional upgrades. This includes an ax which can be used to scale walls and chop down branches blocking areas. The enemies exist in the hub world and can be hit for a preemptive strike or if they hit you they gain the advantage.

Each character is given a face button that specialized attacks. Each character has to charge their face buttons to attack and can be chained together for added damage. Since there are no timed or take-turns system players can to remain constantly alert to find the best chance to attack.

Similar to the Mario RPG series players will also have to act defensively. When attacked, which is telegraphed very well, players must defend to minimize damage and if timed correctly at the point of impact will recover your health. I died multiple times because I didn’t block on time or precisely enough to heal myself. If you’re in danger a special meter does charge that grants unique abilities and attacks based on how much it’s charged.

Indivisible is looking to be an outstanding RPG, action-adventure, fantasy, Metroidvania title. It provides a strong edifice for each category by providing mechanics that complement each genre. Platforming and exploring add new tools during the course of the adventure, combat is challenging and satisfying, and the characters are colorful and full of life.

Indivisible launches early 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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