Lords of the Fallen, an action RPG that made a pretty big impression on release in 2014, has shifted their developers from Deck13 to to Defiant Studios. Based in New York City, Defiant Studios was established by Avalanche Studios heads David Grijns and Roland Lesterlin in 2016.  They both worked extensively on titles like Just Cause 3.

CI games announced it would be working with previous developer Deck13 on a sequel of Lords of the Fallen in 2015. The game was planned to be released as early as 2017 but it looks like that date will have to be pushed back.  Grijn stated that the game might be completely in the next few months.

CI games had offers from several studios interested in making a Lord of the Fallen sequel, but they decided to go with Defiant because they have a plethora of valuable qualities ranging from some of the most talented creators to a great deal of experience under their belt. The relationship seems to be more hands-on between the two developers and that collaboration could you some promising results.

Lords of the Fallen has had a good run. Their take on an action-RPG heavily influenced by Dark Souls was a great deal of fun. Lords of the Fallen 2 will be able to correct the mistakes the previous iteration made and capitalize on its strong points. Deck13 will learn from its most recent developments The Surge, but they won’t be alone. CI games is more than capable of taking this game to the next level and I would definitely tell fans to stay tuned.

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