Microsoft’s E3 presentation has been spectacular so far with new trailers for highly anticipated games like Kingdom Hearts. Before that trailer, however, another contender for game of the year was previewed. Metro, one of the heavy hitters of post apocalyptic RPGs, has a new game on the horizon. No more subway dwelling for Artyom. Although this information isn’t new, based on the trailer, the developers put it mildly. T

he landscapes we see are vastly different and detailed from abandoned and irritated industrial factories to the briny depths of the deep blue sea. The upgraded graphics are impressive but what truly brings this game over the edge of just average is the newly added detailed setting beckoning players to stray further and deeper down the rabbit hole.

Metro: Exodus has the player pitted against a religious cult leader similar to Far Cry 5. There is a huge difference that we can see from the trailer which is that it seem as though the human element will be the least of your worries. Battle against more monsters than ever before with mutated crocs and beasts never before seen. This edition to the Metro franchise doubles down on its PvE elements and looks to focus primarily on survival. This will not be a leisurely stroll in the park, especially when considering how devs chose to deal with radiation. The player must where a gas mask that will definitely need to be refilled, adding an inescapable level of difficulty that will have players thinking twice before entering into the unknown. The player may also choose to use their gas mask to help npcs which is an interesting dynamic. Do I save a life and risk my own or perhaps gain a companion or ally down the road?


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