Microsoft recently leaked retail prices for Rockstar’s next big cowboy adventure game Read Dead Redemption 2. They immediately pulled the information offline, but fast-fingered Reddit users were able to snatch the info and post it on Reddit for the world to see. Based on their valiant efforts, we have confirmed information about pre-order bonuses players can expect on release.

Players who pre-order can expect two bonuses. One of which is the Outlaw Survival Kit, which will give an in-game cash price during the story mode portion of the game used to collect some specialty goodies early. The second bonus players can expect will be a treasure map and a War Horse, which could potentially add a new mission with some outlaws needing some hot-iron justice and a reliable horse to ride on.

Pre-order players not only get bonus content for Red Dead 2, but they also get half a million dollars in Itchy & Scratchy money that can be used in Rockstar’s massive success, Grand Theft Auto 5. Even though this info was released on Microsoft’s site, we can definitely expect a similar deal for PlayStation 4 players. Prepare your gaming rooms for some old fashion high noon gunslinger action with this next installment to the amazing Read Dead series coming to Xbox One and PS4 on October 26.

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