Back in 2017, The Surge released and provided a challenging adventure that focused on dismantling opponents in brutal ways by targeting specific body parts in a science-fiction tale where the world was ravaged by climate change. The Surge 2 builds on those same systems while providing the player with more options of how to play with a whole new setting that mostly does away with the linear structure of the first game. Still challenging The Surge 2 capitalizes on the foundation set by the original for what looks to be a encouraging experience.

Unlike the previous game, The Surge 2 doesn’t star Warren but instead a customizable character set in a more open-ended world. Set in the synthetic city of Jericho the city has been walled off following a dangerous and mysterious storm. Inside, the survivors and mercenaries fight for what remains with the expanded weapons available. With the arsenal including 10 weapons instead of 5 and the player now able to use different functions such as being able to deconstruct weapons into other types such as a large blade into a dual blade.

Instead of fighting former workers driven made the heroine, hero if you choose when the game releases, dealt with mercenaries that have advanced armor, think tactically and will use traps. You can still cut off limbs but now you can remove parts that limit their abilities such as cloaking. Best of all you can cut off limbs and procure their weapons, in the demo we saw the heroine take an ax and a pistol upgrade for her drone from a fallen enemy. And yes, the finishing moves are just a brutal. In addition, armor will come in a variety of options, both cosmetically and statistically but not all gear will be functioning with some being damaged.

Jericho isn’t like the CREO’s facilities with more flora and places to be ambushed. The world isn’t a true open world but players can take on objectives in different orders and come back to previous areas. Speaking of objectives bosses will appear within the world and will take advantage of the dismantling system. In the demo, a boss battle with Goddess Helena, an advance security statue for the wealthy people of Jericho, was fully equipped with high powered defenses that could make mincemeat of the player. Weakening the robot required dismantling its many different parts to lower its its offensive power till the final blow was dealt.

Speaking of high powered creature the developers made note that a highly advanced creature is roaming about that it’s your goal to take it out. Luring it out by destroying repellers and finally taking it down.

If all of that doesn’t sound promising I was told by the development team they’re looking into multiplayer options and even post-launch DLC. The creative director told me that The Surge’s DLC was unexpectedly popular and wants to deliver that same thing for their fans with the sequel. However, this doesn’t mean content will be cut, instead, DLC content will start after the core game is fully completed and released. Even after finishing The Surge 2 Deck13 will have more content in the future.

The Surge 2 takes the brutal combat, dismantling system, and customizable options to a whole new level. Some may find it vexing that the game will include only one standard difficulty, so those like myself who struggle with the first game will not find an easy adventure here as well. But the theme of the game remains true. To learn from your mistakes and come back.

The Surge 2 launches in 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.