The Trove universe host a massive community of active players and the latest expansion called Geode gives players more free content to explore for new material, more story elements to engage in, and a focus on exploration instead of combat.

In this free expansion, players take part in the Geodians story on the planet Geode. Players will travel deep underground to locate resources and unique wildlife. The goal isn’t to attack but to assist, gaining companions by helping the critters of the world with various tasks. In exchange for assistance on your search for resources.

During the demo, I was shown that the player will venture deep into various different caverns. The purpose being that the player will also be interacting with new resources and if they hit a dead end will be rewarded with a treasure trove of randomly generated items.

These resources can be used for new tools to increase the rate of your progression. The avatar I was provided was fully equipped with powerful tools but I was told the player will have to gradually upgrade their equipment to earn the equipment I had access too.

The popularity of battle royale hasn’t escaped Trove Geode with the developer’s own take called Bomber Royale. As the name states up to 19 players throw bombs at one another, destroying parts of the stage in the process, and the stage itself will dissolve block by block. Special abilities are littered around that provide unique buffs such as turning the surrounding area into lava.

Trove Geode provides players with a lot of variety to encourage collecting, building, and eventually crafting tools to better yourself for longer expeditions. The whole process is streamlined so players always feel like they are always progressing to the next upgrade or new cosmetic items.

Trove Geode is set to launch on June 26th but is now available in the Public Test Server. You can check out the official press screenshots below.

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