Ubisoft is stepping up their game when it comes to creative announcements. The announcement for Trials Rising began with Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo riding a dirt bike on stage, crashing through a piece of furniture, and declaring himself the Prime Minister of Finland. That’s one way to make an impression.

After the exciting intro, Ilvessuo got down to the details. Trials Rising is a collaboration effort between Ubisoft RedLynx and Ubisoft Kiev. One of the bigger features in the game is seen in the trailer, the ability to ride around the world. The settings include desert canyons and city streets. But don’t worry, you can still crash in ridiculous fashions. Options include being crushed by giant wrecking balls and being knocked into the distance by giant fans.

Silliness aside, Trials Rising still seems to pose a challenge. It appears that having extreme mastery over the game’s controls will be necessary as you balance on precariously small platforms.

When can I get Trials Rising?

It releases on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in February 2019.

Ahead of its release, a beta will be available for Trials Rising. You can sign up for access at the official website.

Check out the epic trailer below!

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