Defiance 2050 is a reimagining of the 2013 title that launched alongside the new Sci-Fi series of the same name. Now repurposed as a free-to-play MMO Defiance 2050 attempts to bring back the massively multiplayer game experience for everyone to enjoy. Defiance 2050 is simple enough to grasp but the technical issues and massive grind won’t appeal to everyone.

Tag Along for the Ride

Defiance 2050 has you in control of an Ark Hunter of your own custom design. There are 5 classes to choose from, each with their own skill tree and talents. Players are given ample opportunity to customize their avatar and combat style. Ranging from sneaky tactical classes to fully decked out assault medics.

The core campaign has you traveling throughout the HUB map attempting to keep your employers safe, saving hostages, and killing hostile enemies. It’s an unremarkable story that follows your all-powerful and capable soldier completing various tasks to further their mission. Much of the game’s core story simply focus on your protecting a powerful piece of technology from hostile forces.

The game is littered with other players. You can see them walking around, killing enemies, and even join them using the built-in matchmaking system. Once you ventured deeper into the game’s world the likelihood of seeing other players drop significantly. The game does tailor its difficulty based on how many players are in your squad and their level to prevent boosting but in the main world having more players makes the game significantly easier. I played about half of the missions alone and the rest with allies, finding that the missions in the game’s open world did not change based on how many players were with me but instead made much easier since I had allies to manage the insane about of enemies that would spawn.

How Many Are There!?

Enemies come in a wide range of your standard rifleman, melee berserkers, shotgunners, heavy enforcers, and advanced versions of the same enemy; each one has their own lore and purpose within the game’s story. In the game’s overworld, enemies exercise vexing mechanics that many gamers have complained about in other titles. These include infinite respawning, near perfect accuracy, constant awarenesses of the player’s position, massive damage output, bullet sponge bosses, and overwhelming odds that makes playing alone an upsetting experience. In addition, it’s common to see enemies teleport as the game tries to keep track of everything happening in the overworld. During cooperative missions, this isn’t the case as enemies are much more grounded and don’t follow the same annoying mechanics. Instead, these isolated cooperative missions are where Defiance 2050 shines.

Bring a Friend, or Two, or Maybe Three?

In the large cooperative missions, players take on stronger than normal enemies with alluring loot at the end. Players must make good use of their various skills to handle these situations such as healing, increasing attack power, and more. Having one weak link can lead to a domino effect of having to constantly revive them once they’ve exhausted their self-revive. During the open world events called Arkfalls you can witness hordes of players working together to kill a high powered enemy. It’s an absolutely insane event that worth experiencing at least once, especially since quality loot drops for everyone if the enemy is defeated.

There’s a lot to do in Defiance 2050. Side missions, core campaign, and optional tasks litter the landscape with objectives to earn money called scrip, reputation points, and new loot. Missions follow the traditional pattern of kill targets, protect important avatars, interact with key items, and collect items. Little variation is put into the objectives but thankfully shooting targets is fun. The impact of each shot is weighty, with each shot feeling like it hit a solid target. The higher end loot can only be unlocked by collecting Ark Keys from in-game activities or purchasing them.

Pay or Grind

Since Defiance 2050 is a free-to-play game there are microtransactions that range from plain cosmetics to gameplay advantages. These include increased inventory space, experience boosts, and vehicles. It’s entirely possible to play through the game without having to spend a single cent but prepare for a long grind to obtain the advantage weapons. Since weapon upgrades and items are given at slow rates players who choose the play Defiance 2050 without spending any money will have to invest significant time to fully upgrade their weapons.

Weapons themselves come in your standard options. Shotguns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, grenades, and more. You can collect different weapons dropped from fallen enemies, unlocking chests or earned through completing objectives that are color coated to showcase rarity. You can equip 2 at a time and customize different loadouts for quick swapping which is a nice touch since different situations call for specific weapons, shields, and grenades.

However, one of Defiance 2050’s biggest issue comes from the interface. The game doesn’t tell you how to navigate much of the game’s interface. Important aspects such as upgrading weapons, how to purchase additional class slots outside of the store, and earning reputation are kept cryptic.

Free to Play with Potential

Defiance 2050 delivers a solid free MMO experience. The game is entirely playable without spending a cent but it will require significantly more time to make a dent. The missions are repetitive and the technical issues can become annoying when exploring the open world, but much of Defiance 2050’s core gameplay holds up. Defiance 2050 has the potential of becoming a great free-to-play MMO, it just needs some fixes and the addition of variety to the mission structure. If you’re looking for a decent free third-person shooter Defiance 2050 is something worth checking out.

Defiance 2050 - Review
  • Great Cooperative Action
  • Lots of Missions
  • Great Shooting
  • Technical Issues
  • Infinite Respawning Enemies
  • Lack of Variety
6.5Overall Score
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