During the hustle and bustle that comes with the E3 and convention season it was easy to overlook a Games For Budget Gamers last month. It is back this month! Even though summer tends to bring a content drought to the video game world that is almost as bad as that no man’s land I call home I still managed to find a pretty solid list of titles worth your hard earned dollars.

Resident Evil Zero– (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, GameCube)-

There is something special about this installment of Resident Evil. It has this sort of cringy nostalgic to it. Having never played it before the re-release on the Xbox One, I mean that in a different way. The plot from what I have experienced reeks of that 90’s style buddy cop movie predictability coupled with the nonsense that Resident Evil typically brings to the table with its BOWs. I’m not making that up, for literally no reason at all I fought a man-sized scorpion in the first hour of the game. No reason at all it just bursts through the ceiling while Billy tries to get Rebecca out of a locked room. The biggest thing that sets this game apart is having the ability to play as two separate characters. The player can take control of both Rebecca and Billy at any given time to solve a puzzle or help each other out in a bad situation. Grab the game now with the original Resident Evil for about twenty bucks.

Assault Android Cactus (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

On most days I absolutely can’t stand twin-stick shooters. There is something charming about Assault Android Cactus. It might be because the game is super simple. There aren’t any screen transitions that mess up the flow of the fight, you don’t have to navigate some complicated levels or move off the screen like in the Halo twin-stick shooters. It still manages to keep things pretty chaotic with a flood of robotic enemies on screen at any given time. Right now thanks to Games With Gold the game is free but normally it will run you about fifteen dollars, I recommend getting it even as just a time killer. It has a pretty decent array of weapons and characters to use, even a few hidden ones to unlock as the game progresses. The big scales boss battles while a little formulated are still highly enjoyable.

The Theater (PC)

Apparently, this one is based on some old Creepy Pasta from a few years ago. I’m not quite sure what the story is on that but in the game players loop through a series of events ala Silent Hills. Every time the player starts at the entrance to the theater and something new has changed pertaining to the story. Things, of course, start to get darker as the number of trips through the loop increases. Consistencies change and are actually unsettling in a good way. As an example, the usher usually asks for the ticket to the show and says something like “Enjoy the performance” every single time but at one time he stops and never says it again. There is also some horrifying little girl that appears randomly and it’s always frightening. The game is currently available here for just two dollars.

Pick of The Month: Titanfall 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

I am insanely late to the party on this one. The original Titanfall was a really solid multiplayer experience that had a way of making even the least skilled player feel like they contributed. One of the ways they did this was implementing in match AI that were easily dispatched and only worth one point for a kill. You could also hack enemy humanoid robots and make them work for your team. They also pulled a ton of aspects from the game that sort of hindered it. The smart pistol has been removed as a primary weapon and has been moved to a kill streak reward so players can no longer lock on to kill whole groups of enemies as consistently. They also took out burn cards and replaced them with something similar to Rainbow Six Siege’s packet system.

The follow-up game took the formula that worked really well for the original and built upon it to make it one of the standout shooters of the last few years. Personal note any game that lets me run around as a bright pink-clad space soldier with a grappling hook is aces in my book. There are a plethora of other options as well. New weapons, new attachments, player cards, icons, and one of the biggest additives. Titan customization. Titans can now have paint jobs, different abilities (including a tripwire that enemy pilots can set off and die too, it is very satisfying) there are also a vastly improved number of available titans to choose from, including one that runs around with a giant sword. For those who were a little burned by the lack of story fear, not Titanfall 2 has one and it’s been pretty solid. I love seeing the relationship develop between pilot and titan. I highly recommend grabbing the game now for about fifteen dollars!

Not going to lie all this talk of Titanfall 2 has made me really want to go play more Titanfall 2. I might be slightly addicted. I caught myself looking at collectibles last night, almost made a spreadsheet of how much money I would have to set aside the next few paychecks to afford all the Funkos and the huge titan statue I found. In any light, I hope you grab a few of these titles. Even if you don’t like the fast-paced multiplayer that Titanfall 2 brings to the table, Resident Evil Zero brings an odd but enjoyable story to the table. The Theater brings a ton of indie horror fun to the table that works surprisingly well given its source content. At the very least you can grab Assault Android Cactus and fight endless waves of robotic spider things that are trying to kill you. If you have any games you recommend for the month or even a topic suggestion for next months Games For Budget Gamers please feel free to drop them down below in the comment section.



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