Sonic Mania Plus re-imagines the first 2017 game with new characters, changes to the original’s level, and boss fights. As a $9.99 DLC or as an entirely new purchase Sonic Mania Plus adds enough content that those starving for more retro Sonic.

More of the Same

Sonic Mania Plus is the same story as the original game. Sonic and his friends must stop Dr. Eggman from messing up the timeline by collecting the 7 Chaos Emeralds. This time Sonic is joined by Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. Both characters have been part of the Sonic canon for some time and provide new ways to play through the campaign.

Worth While Content

Mighty can dive for quick attacks and can’t be harmed if he makes contact with spikes but only after the first impact. Ray can fly through the air but unlike Tails must gain momentum by diving and pulling up. Both characters change up the gameplay and provide more variety for players. The best use of the characters comes from the Encore mode which changes the character you play as with each death, with the AI ally being altered periodically.

Ray and Mighty, even with their unique talents, don’t change much of how the game is played. They can access other parts of the stage but can run and jump just like Sonic. With Sonic feeling like the more limited character to play as.

Other new additions include a pinball mini-game and a 4-player competition mode. The versus modes allow players to compete in time trials and competitively. It’s definitely a welcome addition to the original formula.

Come Back for More

The changes to the changes won’t go unnoticed for those who played the original game. New boss fights, cutscenes, and stage alternations make the adventure refreshing for returning players. Newcomers won’t have to deal with the stress of some boss fights that were poorly telegraphed in the original version. The developers have taken the feedback and provided more significant tells of how to defeat certain bosses.

Retro Platforming at its Finest

Sonic Mania Plus is more of what made the original game such as hit. The new playable characters and other additional content gives more than enough reasons to return to the adventure. Sonic Mania Plus captures the essence of retro platforming at its best and gives those who played the original enough reasons to come back for more.

Sonic Mania Plus Review
  • Strong Additional Content
  • Extra Characters, Boss Fights, and Cutscenes
  • Great Replay Value
  • No Radical Changes
9Overall Score
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