Ghost of Tsushima was one of the standout titles at E3 2018, with Sucker Punch shattering expectations with its richly crafted world and use of color. Today, during a “Making of” feature creative director Nate Fox provided insight into how far the developers have gone to research the time period.

In the minute-long video, we learn that multiple trips were taken and extensive research was conducted.

“We’ve had two trips to Tsushima Island itself. We communicate a lot with experts in different fields, from the way that a samurai would hold their katana to, even, drink sake, to dialogue experts, to experts in religion [at] the time.”

“We really want the Mongols to not be cardboard-cutout villains. We want them to be three-dimensional… Having the leader, Kotan Khan, be so, frankly, reasonable, is unsettling. Because, in his own mind, he’s right. He’s a hero, from his own perspective.”

The demo shown at E3 2018 made it clear that Ghost of Tsushima will be violent with realistic sword combat and fully animated death scenes.

Ghost of Tsushima is in development for PS4.


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