It appears that Gearbox Software has posted a legitimate Borderlands sequel tease on Twitter. The vague tweet appears to hint at what is likely for the Borderlands 3 reveal we have all been waiting for. The date in the tweet takes place during PAX East. There are not many details, but it does feature the standard Borderlands cell-shaded art style and a ‘3’ at the top.

There have been some hints as to what the title will include. Company chief Randy Pitchford has discussed Unreal Engine 4 technology for “the next Borderlands game” at GDC in 2017.  It is evident that the visuals will remain similar to the post-apocalyptic look of the earlier games, though they will be much prettier.

The question is whether the game-play will receive a similar improvement. Borderlands broke ground with its approach to a shooter-RPG hybrid. Think of the games method of generating unique equipment for players. However, there is no guarantee the game mechanics will evolve to match.

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