Best Duelist in Valorant

Valorant requires tactical teamwork more than other tactical FPS as every agent has a different ability that they can use together to build strategic gameplay. When you are playing a ranked game, it is important that you coordinate with your team while also pick an agent that you can control as your main. The choice of agent also depends on the rank you are playing at. Make sure to learn every hero’s abilities in unrated games to find out which agent can perform better solo as well as in a team.

A duelist in Valorant holds the ability to carry the entire team. They are meant to perform in attack rounds while also sneaking in the enemies in the defense rounds. ¬†At the same time, a bad duelist can slow down the attack of the team resulting in more losses. When you have to pick a duelist for the team, make sure that you learn each agent’s abilities to make the right choices.

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Ever since the time Reya came out, she has been dominating the ranked games like a monster. She feeds on others’ souls and is a true solo warrior. Gamers are scared to face a pro-Reyna in the enemy team. There have been several critical debates on Reyna’s compatibility in competitive games, but it only seems like an attempt to lower down the popularity of Reyna to have ease in competitive games. Reyna is known for her aggressive play and can easily be the top fragger in the game.



Jett is another strong agent that can play as a team member as well as a quick assassin. Jett is highlighted as a weaker agent in valorant because her skills are purely based on hit damage. But she also has three could smoke and a sprint ability to push at the enemy team from unexpected places. While she may be a difficult agent to master, Jett can really help out a team in competitive games by developing a strong control on several map areas.


Pheonix can be your hero to start playing Valorant and also for winning at a major tournament. Pheonix can flash the enemies, which can be a great tool for pushing into sites. He also has regen abilities that can give him full health without killing any enemies, as Reyna does. But Pheonix can really come out as a pro duelist with his ultimate, which makes him play twice to clear out a site. While you enjoy playing Pheonix, make sure that you prevent any backstabs by using your Ulti in safe places.


Many gamers believe Raze is the strongest duelist and one of the strongest agents in Valorant. She can be a versatile player to defend, hold, and push in the games. Her abilities are multi-functional and can be used to push and block the enemies. Her boom bot can help in detecting enemies without risking any health. She also has a nade, blast packs, and her ultimate that can kill the agents while slashing beautiful colors on them. Definitely a site that we would want to see more in competitive.