Playstation Vita For Immature Audiences Only

PlayStation Vita bears all, revealing its wide range of irresistible, immodest IPs.

While the PlayStation Vita may be lacking in its Triple-A software selection, this beautifully formed handheld console has been able to seduce some niche audiences with its unique selections.

While the Vita may not boast the most illustrious, big-budget video game library, Japanese franchise fans indulge in more than their fair share of awesome titles and are eager to get their hands on the stacked lineup of upcoming titles.

SenranKaguraShinoviEven though the Nintendo 3DS has a great library of Japanese titles, PlayStation Vita software developers chose to expand their potential market through a more risky, adult-oriented route.

While Nintendo is content with more healthy games and modest standards, Vita developers seek to satisfy some gamers’ more twisted, carnal desires by exposing Western audiences to adult-themed games that have graced the Rising Sun Land for many years now.

There are many critics of games sexualization in modern culture, but I have no problem with this particular evolution of gaming media. While books such as 50 Shades of Grey and TV series such as Game of Thrones can receive critical acclaim while boasting highly sexual content, video games are still seen by the general public as an interactive media for children and younger audiences. The times are changing, however, and Western audiences slowly recognize that this wonderful industry should be appreciated and accepted the same as film, television, and print media. Fortunately, the PlayStation Vita helps lead that charge, even if it’s in a bizarre fashion.

SenranKaguraBonApettit2From the slightly inappropriate to the outrageously obscene, a voluptuous lineup of risky titles is being developed and located for the West. These titillating titles may not sell as much as more prominent franchises, but there is still a large consumer fan base that just jiggles with anticipation as these games’ Western release approaches.

That said, there are 5 brazenly indecent IPs available now or soon.

Conception 2: Seven-Star Children:
Conception2ClassmatingThis list of adult-themed games, Conception 2 is definitely one of the bunch’s mildest. Conception is a traditional JRPG series as the Persona franchise. The game revolves around two main gameplay mechanics: crawling dungeons and building relationships. Unlike the Persona series, however, players will also copulate, or “class-mating,” with school girls to create special kids who are uniquely qualified to fight monsters. So, not only are you encouraged to be a wanton whoremonger, but players will also take their infants to battle against evil forces. I couldn’t do that if I tried.

Monster Piece:
Monster Monpiece is a hilariously bizarre CCG that advances the narrative through visual novel storytelling. Overall, it’s a really fun game with great gameplay design, but there’s one unique feature that separates this game. The cards players collect are scantly clad monster girls. Mostly harmless, right? After all, many Japanese games feature over-sexual female characters. The more interesting aspects are revealed when these cards have to level or power up players. Players will be charged with rubbing, pinching, poking, and touching their monster girls in all the right areas to get them to the next level. During the leveling process, it may also become necessary to rub the front and back of the PS Vita openly sexually to stimulate the girls. If you don’t understand, just watch the video below.

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Strip of Akiba: undressed:
Ok, I honestly wouldn’t classify this game in the same category as the others in this group, but nevertheless, its sexual humor and one-of-a-kind gameplay landed on this list. Akiba’s Trip, or Akiba Strip for those who haven’t noticed wordplay, is an action-adventure game set in Akihabara, a unique area in Japan known for its love of otaku culture. In this game, the player will rescue people possessed by stripping off their clothes to expose their bodies to sunlight, the one thing that can exorcize these demons. Again, maybe not as sexually deviant as others on this list, but its flesh lust is enough to honor it with a spot.

Senran Kagura: Shinovi:
Senran Kagura is an action brawler series where high school girls, trained in ninjitsu art, will fight for total domination. This game bursts with all the jiggling goodness the series fans have loved. As players fight their enemies, clothes will be torn into pieces revealing more vulnerable bodies of these highly skilled kunoichi. Free panty shots and busting bosoms await all who step in to accept this game’s challenge.

Senran Kagura: Happiness:
I don’t even know what to say here. The other games on this list had at least some logical reasoning behind the games’ sexual content. With Bon App├ętit, the developers decided to throw reasoning and caution out the window. This is a rhythm-based game where familiar Senran Kagura franchise characters compete for the best meals in culinary showdowns. During these duels inspired by Iron Chef, the girl’s clothes will be stripped piece by piece until only whipped cream and edible bits remain. Honestly, Western tagline games say everything. “Delicious! Yet tasteless. “Good appetite!