Best Agent to Play in Valorant for Team Games

Valorant is gaining popularity among gamers for being the new 5v5 tactical FPS game that can even support a potato PC as is made to redefine the graphics on high end-pcs. Riot Gaming has done it once again in providing a game that has the potential to create new rosters and tournaments in its first year of launch. The game was in beta until January 2020 and is now in its Act 3 with 12 heroes and a new hero already available for the closed community for testing. If you are new to valorant and want to find out which hero can become your main for team games, follow this guide.


Many may not realize the importance of Cypher in the early games, but it is an agent that can give an entire team a hard time when he is in the opposite team. Cypher is capable of finding out enemy locations using his abilities. His tripwires can slow down and catch an enemy, while his cages can help in sneaking in for a defuse. Cypher is a top tier agent when you have a good team.



Jett is a solo-queue agent at lower ranks but can also be a team player when needed. Jett has three smoke clouds, a dash ability, and an ultra that can prove to be lethal for an entire team. Beware of Jett pros and feel lucky when you have them in your team.


Brimstone can act as a team leader for every game. His three clouds of smoke can help push through defenses easily and can also defend a heavy push. Brimstones molly is also effective in planning the right time to hit it and stop the enemy from defusing the bomb. We can keep talking about how good his ultimate is that it can be used to clear out sites while also making area damage.


Breach can be both an initiator and a defender for a team. His useful flash abilities can help an entire team push through the enemy defense and also hold the site alone. His flashes are also buffed now to provide extra destruction to the enemy’s hopes.


The latest agent, Killjoy, can really irritate the enemy to a place of tilt. She can hold the sites alone while setting traps and an alarm bot to detect enemy location. She can pressure the enemies into vacating an area with her ultimate. In the recent updates, she has been nerfed to ease up the torture on the enemy teams.



Omen is the final top tier hero that can play extremely well in solo queues as well as in teams. He has smoked for pushing and teleporting abilities to surprise the enemy from behind. Omen can also blind the enemy and take his time to hit a headshot. But the best part about Omen is his ultimate than can change an entire round as he can teleport anywhere on the map and make a sneak attack on the enemy.